The Canadian Care Health System is Pathetic

"It is the responsibility of every Canadian citizen to find their own family doctor. We can't do this for you." This is what I was told after being repeatedly turned down for a disability benefit after searching more than two years for a "family physician" in two separate provinces with no income whatsoever.
What I've termed "silent killing" is when our so-called medical establishment states that there is a waiting list for a possible life-dependent procedure you require. Of course, like most you don't have the available legal tender to purchase this procedure if available and a precise waiting list time is never stipulated. Some people will wait too long because they personally don't want to put more burden on the already inadequate system by "taking up" a space in it; or lastly they simply die waiting. This, like pollution or mental illness is rarely mentioned and there are no statistics available. Instead the cop-out spin of: "We still have one of the best medical systems in the world" is often used. True enough, when relative to the bottom anything above will always be higher. This person is your parent, sibling, child, friend or you. Hopefully with a common love for your fellow person all will matter to you.

Service Canada CPP Disability - Guide to application kit forms

The Medical Report Form:
The applicant must fill out the first section of this report which identifies the applicant by name, address, date of birth, telephone and social insurance number. The physician who is most knowledgeable about the applicant's medical condition should fill out the remainder of the report. Any additional specialists' reports are welcome and can be submitted with the application. To ensure correct file matching, it is very helpful to add the applicant's social insurance number of any attached pages from a physician. SDC has distributed to General Practitioners a Physician's Guide which explains medical eligibility requirements for a CPP disability benefit. Once the applicant's physician has filled out the Medical Report, he or she can submit it directly to SDC, or return it to the applicant who can include it in the CPP application kit.
    Checklist for this form - make sure the applicant:
  • Has chosen the physician who best knows his or her medical condition to fill out the Medical Report.
  • Attached other supporting medical reports, tests, or other documents and include the applicant's social insurance number on each page.
  • Co-ordinate the submission of the Medical Report (whether to be included in the application kit or sent directly to SDC).
  • Photocopied the Medical Report for the applicant's files.
One in five Canadians can't find a doctor: survey. CTV news, June 18, 2008. Situation is a "medical crisis."